The Word (TV ser

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The Word TV The Word was a 1990s Channel 4 television programme in the United Kingdom.

Its presenters included Mancunian radio presenter Terry Christian, comedian Mark Lamarr, Dani Behr, Katie Puckrik, Alan Connor, Amanda de Cadenet and "Hufty". Originally broadcast in the old Tube timeslot of 6 pm Friday evenings, The Word's main live show was shifted to a late-night timeslot, with a compilation sister show fronted by Mark Lamarr in the week. The magazine format allowed for interviews, live music, features and even game shows. The flexible late-night format meant that guests could do just about anything to be controversial.

There was also an 'I'll do anything to be on television' section called "The Hopefuls" in which people ate worms, bathed in maggots, licked sweat off fat people, and did generally repulsive things in order to get featured on the programme.